How To Fix A Samsung Washer DC Error Code


If your Samsung washer is displaying a DC error code, you’re in the right place.

The DC error code indicates that the load in your washing machine isn’t balanced, which means the washer can’t spin correctly. In this guide, we give you step-by-step instructions for finding the underlying cause of the problem and fixing it.

This guide covers all Samsung washing machine models, including:






















Step 1 – Make sure the load is balanced 

The first step you should take to remove the DC error code is to make sure the laundry in the washer is distributed as evenly as possible, especially If you’re washing bulky items like towels and sheets. Your washer has sensors that monitor the weight distribution of your laundry load. If it’s not evenly distributed, the sensors will react, which will most likely cause the DC error code to show up on the display screen. It’s also important that you don’t overfill your washer as this will also trigger the sensors. 

Once you have rebalanced your load, check if the DC error code has gone. If it hasn’t, proceed to step 2.

Step 2 – Make sure the washing machine is level

The next step is to make sure your Samsung washing machine is sitting level on the ground. This is important because if it isn’t sitting level, the washing machine sensors will react and the DC error code will show up on the display screen.

Here’s the easiest way to make sure your Samsung washer is sitting level:

  1. Place a bubble level on the top of your washer. If the bubble is not in the center of the bubble level this means your washer isn’t sitting level. If the bubble is in the center, you can proceed to the next step.
  2. To level your washer, adjust its pegs/legs until it’s sitting level on the floor. 
  3. Once your Samsung washer is level, turn it on to check if the DC error code has gone. If it hasn’t, proceed to the next step.

Step 3 – Replace the suspension rods

If the first two steps didn’t work, locate the suspension rods and replace them. Your Samsung washer uses suspension rods to absorb shocks and reduce shaking (especially during the spin cycle). When they become defective, the sensors in your washing machine will most likely think your washer is not balanced correctly and the DC error code will show up on the display screen.

You can order replacement  suspension rods from your parts supplier. Once you have the replacements, here’s how you can replace the defective ones:

  1. Unplug your Samsung washing machine or switch the circuit breaker off. Then pull the washer away from the wall.
  2. Next, take the control panel off of your washer. To do this, unscrew the screws that hold it in place, then pull it out slightly and disconnect the wire harnesses that are attached to it. After doing that, you can remove the control panel safely.
  3. Once the control panel is removed, lift the washing machine lid and secure it so it won’t move. Then remove the side panels so you can access the suspension rods.
  4. Once you locate the rods, remove them one by one until they are all out.
  5. Spray the new rods with silicone grease and place them into their correct positions one by one until they are all securely in place. 
  6. Put the side panels back on the washing machine and lower the lid. Then reattach the control panel.
  7. Once the washer is reassembled, turn it on to check if it now works and the DC error code has gone. If it hasn’t, you’ll need to have a qualified technician inspect your washer.
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