Electrolux Washer Code E40: What Does It Mean?


Electrolux is one of the best appliance brands, with a range of high-quality washers. To help you resolve any problems your washer may have, Electrolux has programmed your washer with some error codes.

These codes can be rather annoying when they don’t go away. But once you know what the error code means, you can fix your washer’s problem. That way, you can fix the washer before the issue worsens.

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What is an Electrolux error code?

Error codes are programmed into many digital appliances, such as Electrolux washers. Each error code is unique, and looking up what the code indicates will inform you what type of trouble your equipment is experiencing. For example, the Electrolux washer error code E40 alerts the customer to a problem with the washer’s door.

These error codes may seem bothersome because they show up at odd times. Additionally, the letters and digits in these codes may appear puzzling because they do not offer much information about the issue until you look it up.

When the error code returns or remains, it’s worth investigating what it signifies. If you can’t get rid of the error code, your machine will most certainly need repair. Hence, disregarding the error code may worsen the problem. For example, the damage may pose a threat or become more costly to repair.

Where can you look up Electrolux error codes?

Sometimes, determining which problem applies to your error code can be difficult. For instance, some error codes can specify different issues, depending on the manufacturer or the type of appliance or model. Hence, it’s critical to understand your error code before disassembling the washer to find the problem. If not, you may waste too much time accessing the incorrect section just to discover that this was not the issue.

The appliance manual is the best starting point when identifying what your error code represents. If you no longer have the handbook, you could try the manufacturer’s website, which will contain the most reliable details.

If you cannot find your appliance manual, there could be one online. For example, some manufacturers upload their appliance manuals online. It will be valuable if you can locate a copy of the handbook because it may contain further advice on repairing your washer.

What does the E40 error code mean?

For Electrolux washers, the error code E40 will most likely mean that there is something wrong with the washer’s door. It usually means that the door is not closing correctly, so there could be a problem with the door lock.

Why is the Electrolux washer beeping?

Sometimes, you might hear four beeps, which is another indicator of something wrong with the washer door. Depending on your model, there could be no error code, only beeps. Or, there could be four beeps along with the error code. If you happen to hear some beeps, then this is a good indication of something wrong with the door.

Can you still use the washer when the E40 error code appears?

Washers cannot work when the door is not locked or closing correctly. While it may seem annoying, this is a safety mechanism that will prevent your laundry room from flooding in case the door should open when the washer is full of water.

Therefore, you must fix the door before using the washer again. Thankfully, the door issue is pretty easy to resolve, and there are some simple steps you can try.

How to fix an Electrolux washer’s door

Here is a quick guide on how to assess or fix your washer’s door. 

What you need:

  • Screwdriver 

1. Unplug your washer

Always unplug your washer from the wall for safety reasons before working on it. 

2. Inspect the door

If you see anything jamming the door, this will be rather obvious. For example, a small item of clothing, such as a sock, could get trapped within the door. If this problem occurs frequently, you could try reducing the amount of washing you put in the washer or check the door area before closing the door. In fact, it’s helpful to do this anyway because even if the error code doesn’t appear, clothing or large items like blankets can easily get ripped this way.

If nothing is jamming the door, you could try turning the washer back on to see if the code has disappeared. In some cases, the reader can simply play up from time to time, and resetting the machine can help.

But if the code does not go away, there is likely something wrong with the door lock or the latch. You could check these for damage by looking to see if there are any broken parts. And you could try closing the door to see if the latch clicks into the lock properly. To access these parts, you may need a screwdriver to remove the panels around the door.

3. Replace the door lock or latch if necessary

If the door lock or latch is broken, you will need to find a replacement part. However, depending on the extent of the damage, you may only need to replace a spring.

But, if the mechanism is broken, you will need to replace it entirely. If you cannot find a new latch, then you might need to replace the whole door. 

Where to find a replacement part for your washer’s door

You might be able to order a replacement part from the manufacturer directly online. However, to find the suitable part, you must first determine the model number of your washer.

If you cannot find a brand-new replacement part, you could try looking up second-hand parts online. Some local stores may also sell these parts. While second-hand parts aren’t generally recommended, it should be okay for a door as this is not an electrical component of the washer.

You could also take a photo of the door or remove the broken part and go to a place specializing in appliance repair. An expert could advise you on another part that could work or offer another solution to fix the problem.

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