How to Disassemble Your Oven Door


Is your oven door broken? You may need to replace the oven handle or fix the broken oven door glass. Your oven door may have a big dent in it, or you might just want to clean the in-between space of the open window. The oven door has become the focus of many different repair and maintenance tasks, but most people don’t know that the door can be fully removed, disassembled, have parts replaced, and itself be replaced as a part.

The first step to all of this is to remove your oven door and take it apart. The following steps are generalized and can differ based on your oven’s model and manufacturer.  

Open the Hinge Latch

Start by opening your oven door all the way. Identify if your oven hinge has a securing latch that can be flipped open with your fingers or a screwdriver. If you find latches, release them so that the hinges can be freely pulled out at the right angle. If you do not find hinge latches, this is also normal, and do not worry. Your oven door has been secure and will also come right out. 

Prop the Oven Door Open Ajar

Position your oven door ajar so that it is only open a few inches. Most ovens have a ‘Broil’ door hinge setting right at this angle so this step is often easy to do. If your oven does not naturally sit at this point, you may need to hold it open between the open and closed hinge positions. Just make sure the door is open, but mostly facing upright. 

Lift the Oven Door off the Hinges

Hold the oven door careful on both sides and lift. You may need a friend to help. Lift the door straight away off its hinges. The hinges are long posts, so this will be a longer lift than you may expect. When the oven door comes free, lay it face-first on a towel on the floor. 

Remove the Panel Screws

Examine the inside oven panel with the oven facing handle-down on the towel. If you notice a perimeter of screws or bolts, remove them with the appropriate tools. This will reveal that there are three or more layers to every oven door. By removing the screws or bolts, you also allow these layers to be separated. 

Disassemble the Layers

Pull the inner panel away from the oven door assembly when the screws are removed. Now you can access the dirty or cracked oven glass. From here, you can replace the oven door handle with its mounting screws hidden between the inner and outer panels. You can also replace one or both panels if they have been dented with use.  

Reassembling Your Oven Door

When you have conducted the cleaning or repairs that you intended, it’s time to put your oven door back together. Layer the panels, glass, and handle back together correctly and secure them all with the perimeter of mounting screws. With the help of a friend, lift the oven door back onto it’s upright-facing hinge posts and – if there is a latch – lock them back into place.

This repair is both simple and approachable if you know how to do it. Never tolerate dirty oven glass or a broken oven door handle ever again. You can even use this process to begin the repair or replacement of the hinges themselves.

—Keeping your oven in good repair takes awareness and timely decisionmaking. While ovens are low-maintenance individually, each maintenance concern can be swiftly resolved with the right solutions. Contact us today to consult on the performance and care for your oven, along with any appliance repairs you may need. We look forward to hearing from you.

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