Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes Explained


If you own a Bosch washing machine, chances are that from time to time you have come across an error code on the display panel. Error codes can be frustrating to deal with and often leave you feeling helpless as a homeowner. However, understanding what the codes mean and how they can help lead us toward fixing our issue is actually much simpler than it may seem at first glance! 

We’ll break down exactly what each error code means for Bosch washing machines and give helpful advice on how to resolve any issues quickly and easily so that you can get back to enjoying your appliance again soon.

E3: Door Lock Error

Meaning: The door did not close properly, or there is an error with the lock sensor.

How to fix: Check that there is nothing blocking the door from closing fully. Clean the lock sensors with a cotton swab or microfiber cloth.

If these do not work, you may need to replace your door lock mechanism.


Meaning: The machine is not filling with water.

How to Fix: Check the water intake hoses. Make sure they are turned on fully and are not kinked or damaged. Make sure the intake screen is not obstructed.


Meaning: the washing machine is not heating water properly due to an error with the heating element.

How to Fix: Check the heating element and the wiring or call a repair technician to do this for you.


Meaning: The washing machine is not draining.

How to Fix: Check the drainage hose for damage, kinks, or blockages. Check the drainage pump for blockages.


Meaning: Motor fault.

How to Fix: Check the motor’s wiring. Call a technician.


Meaning: The washer started unexpectedly; high resistance connections.

How to Fix: The carbon brushes or motor wiring may be damaged. Call a technician.


Meaning: Thermistor short circuit

How to Fix: Check the Thermistor sensors and wiring. Call a technician.


Meaning: Faulty thermistor circuit

How to Fix: Check the connection to the thermistor board/they may be faulty. Call a professional repair technician.


Meaning: Door open

How to Fix: The door is open, and the program cannot start. close the washing machine door.


Meaning: The washing machine is heating up unexpectedly.

How to Fix: Thermostat may be faulty/need replacement. Call a technician.


Meaning: Communication Error

How to Fix: Call a technician.


Meaning: Heat Sink/Motor PCB overheating

How to Fix: Call a technician.


Meaning: Short Circuit/Motor Error

How to Fix: Call a technician.


Meaning: Voltage too high

How to Fix: Call an electrician – Too high a voltage can damage your appliances.


Meaning: Voltage too low.

How to Fix: Call an electrician – Too low voltage can burn out your appliances.


Meaning: Faulty temperature sensor/PCB

How to Fix: Call a technician.

F16 / E16

Meaning: Door is open

How to Fix: Check that nothing is blocking the washing machine door from closing properly. If the door is closed and you have received this error, you may need to replace the door lock mechanism.

F17 / E17

Meaning: Inlet valve issue

How to Fix: The washing machine is not receiving the proper amount of water. Check that the inlet valves are open fully.

F18 / E18

Meaning: Pump/ drain time out

How to Fix: The pump or drain timed out due to a blockage. Check the drain pump and hoses for a clog. Make sure the drain hose is installed correctly.

F19 / E19

Meaning: Heating Time Exceeded

How to Fix: Call a technician.

F20 / E20

Meaning: Heating Fault detected

How to Fix: Check the thermostat for the washing machine. The control board may need to be replaced. Call a technician.

F23 / E23

Meaning: Water in base – Appliance is leaking

How to Fix:  The machine is experiencing flooding. Turn off the water to the machine.

Call a technician.

Do not use the washing machine until it has been fixed.


Meaning: Pressure system malfunction

How to Fix: The pressure/level switch will need to be replaced.

E28 / F28

Meaning: Flow sensor issue

How to Fix: Inspect the circuits of the flow sensor. The flow sensor may need to be replaced.

F42 / F43 / F44

Meaning: Motor fault

How to Fix: Make sure nothing is stuck underneath the rum/between the drum and other components. Make sure the machine is not overloaded.

Check the carbon brushes.

Inspect the motor connector plug for damage.


Meaning: Unexpected communication error.

How to Fix: Reset the washing machine by turning it off and on again. This can be done manually by unplugging the washing machine or by flipping the circuit breaker associated with the washing machine.

If you continue to receive this error, call a technician.

To clear an error code from a Bosch washing machine.

  1. Make sure you turn the dial of your washing machine to the off or reset position, which is usually at 12 o’clock.
  2. The next step is to turn the dial clockwise to 6 o’clock and press and hold the spin button.
  3. Continue holding the spin button while adjusting the dial to 7 o’clock.
  4. Continue holding the spin button for five seconds before releasing it.
  5. Finally, move the dial back to the original off or reset position at 12 o’clock.
  6. These simple steps can effectively reset and secure your washing machine.


Error codes can be tricky to decipher, but luckily we have this guide to help you out. However, if the problem persists or gets worse, it’s always best to contact a professional for assistance. We hope that this article was able to help clear some things up for you and get your washing machine running smoothly again.

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