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We serviced a
Model WML75011HZ8
Near Russellville, AR 72802
Jeff N.
Job Details: 03/19/2021
Sr# 730295420 said electrical in house. Took unit to another outlet on other end of house same readings. When plugged into noise reduction board from chase to black wire 68 volts.when not plugged into board 120 to chase with white wire still on board. Hooked to double black and blue wires with separate cord same thing. Called tech support again SR# 7730294782 he said it was a wire harness. Ordered main harness and door switch assembly.; ordrng 1 W11385228 (WIRE HARNESS) and 1 W11497298 (DOOR INTERLOCK KIT)
Near Russellville, AR 72802
Blake D.
Job Details: 12/22/2020
M/W OTR WHIRLPOOL WML75011HZ8 "Inspected unit for not heating, for convection fan not turning on, and for shocking, found that the plug didn’t read properly, 120, 60, 60, checked another plug got 120,120,0, tested unit to find that heat and convection fan not operating, tested voltage to fan convection fan, found no reading, diagnosed to need control board, Magnetron, and diode; ordrng 1 W11129649 (CONTROL) and 1 W11256462 (DIODE) and 1 W11402082 (MAGNETRON)"
Near Russellville, AR 72801
Doug M.
Job Details: 01/16/2020
REFRIGERATOR SAMSUNG RS25J500DSR "Inspected unit for sweating in fresh food compartment, found door seal not making sufficient contact with cabinet, called Samsung tech line , tech sed to replace upper and lower hinge and door. ; rqstng P&A on 1 DA61-05573A (LOWER HINDGE ) and 1 DA61-05575A (UPPER HUNDREDS) and 1 DA91-02963V (DOOR)"