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Model KDTM354DSS4
Near Castle Hills, TX 78213
Job Details: 03/23/2021
Found that in diagnostics the unit does not appear to be working as it should I am not getting water through the valve and I am not even getting power to water the valve poured in bucket of water into the sump to test pump found that the pump is working in the drain is working most order control and valve just in case he gave customer a quote for valve control should be covered quoting a lower rate for labor 45.00. Collected service fee. Attempted to check to see if we can get an exact ETA on product was not able to do so; ordrng 1 WPW10327249 (Valve)
Near Castle Hills, TX 78213
Ezequiel V.
Job Details: 11/04/2020
OVEN ELECTRIC [S WHIRLPOOL WOS72EC0HV00 "Replaced console due to unable to set timer and getting stuck frozen after replacement tested unit no issues, oven is working as designed. Job complete."
Near Castle Hills, TX 78213
Ezequiel V.
Job Details: 10/29/2020
OVEN ELECTRIC [S WHIRLPOOL WOS72EC0HV00 "Checked oven found console not responding intermittent, ordering console to resolve issue. ; ordrng 1 W10893999 (console)"
Near Castle Hills, TX 78213
Ezequiel V.
Job Details: 05/08/2020
REFRIGERATOR WHIRLPOOL WRS325SDHZ01 "Arrived at customer home found customer thermometer sitting on shelf, Customer Stated temperatures ranged between 38-45 degrees reseated thermometer in between products reading 45. Called techline troubleshot with jk all test passed, techline stated possible issue is thermistor and ui , stated when replacing to replace both items. Relayed information to customer, customer stated they did not want to continue service. Job complete.; rqstng P&A on 1 W11169239 (cntrl-elec) and 1 W11175951 (diffuser), states that autho needed"
Near Castle Hills, TX 78213
Tommy B.
Job Details: 12/10/2019
DISHWASHER WHIRLPOOL WDT970SAHV0 Found mildew and mold on dishes multiple occasions since purchasing. Dishes drying fine it is the tub which is not. Customer using rinse aid. Reviewed use and care for cleaning and washing. Tech did not personally observe mildew or mold on the dishes.
Castle Hills, Texas
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